The KTGA team was  hired to oversee all graphics & visual identity for Shanghai's first international art fair solely dedicated to photography - Photo Shanghai. The event is organised by the World Photo Organisation - WPO. The exhibition runs from September 5th - 7th in the incredible Shanghai Exhibition Centre (No. 1000 Yan'an Rd). This Stop Motion is a collaboration from Vitaly Tyuk. Find more of his work at Instagram @panvelet

Our TEAM is back in town preparing new exciting events for this last half of the year. 
IMMERSIVE TEA PARTY for October ORGANIC FARM for November and
(Sellers can reserve their spot from next week on)

Please contact us at 131 6611 3482

Some Memories from our last Vintage ZOO. 

Big thanks to 1933 & Starry lights

Big thanks to 1933 & Starry lights

“The animals went in two by two, hurrah hurrah!”


Sooooo, KTGA’s Vintage Zoo Fest turned out to be an absolutely roaring success, with about 6,000 Big Cats and Cubs turning up to the 2 day extravaganza, superseding the last two previous events – the Carousel Fest of 3000 people and their evening event which saw around 400 people at their garden of secrets, aka their Secret Garden event (held at Shanghai Rose last month).

Fun and frolics was had by all - little kids, big kids, and adults who wanted to be kids – everyone really got into the spirit of things and immersed themselves fully into the Vintage Zoo Fest. Just as the features of the building were a feast for the eyes and senses, the grand bazaar itself was also a feast for the eyes and senses. Little masks, big masks, prints on clothes, prints on paper, prints on walls, lights on walls, lights in the sky, birds in the sky flying high, high up in the sky…..

Not forgetting, our acrobats and athletes, dancers and singers, sellers and buyers, colossal cows and oversized octopus‘s – you really roved and roamed around the zoo in amazement at all the various different festivities taking place in and around the very aptly named Safari stage and Cloud stage. The most difficult part was choosing what to see and do! Little kids were kept entertained for hours on end in the little cubs corner, bargain hunters were able to satisfy their hunt for bargains, tired muscles and talons could seek out massages and manicures and those parched from soaring the safari in Africa could take a Spanish sangria from the wonderfully named Zanzi Bar! Hungry horses were able to feast on an array of mouth-watering food sellers, from sushi to nachos, from noodles to doodles. It really was a jungle jamboree and an around the world in 80 (2) days in every way, shape and form!

If you weren’t there, where were you?! / why not?! / you missed out!

Watch this space and keep your tigers’ eye out for more extravagant immersive events from KTGA, they (we?) certainly are ones to look out for!

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By Lili Ip