DATES: 12,13,14 December 

VENUE: 上海市黄浦区复兴中路323号, No. 323 Fuxing road, Shanghai Xintiandi, metro line 10, Exit 2

 THEME: immersive winter wonderland - four floors of full immersion

 TIME: FRI.14:. 00 - 22:00 / SAT. 12:00 - 22:00 / SUN. 12:00 - 20:00  

AFTERPARTY: SAT: 22:00 - 02:00

SHOPS: vintage high end sellers, books, furniture, organic grocery, gourmet food sellers

TICKET: 50rmb - 1 day 3 days 100rmb

EXPERIENCE: themed deco, art happenings, performances, design, fashion, cinema, catwalk shows, exhibitions, children area, theatre

DRESS CODE: smart attire, ice queen, forest gnomes, elves and fairies, punk tartan, vintage 


Their third grand Bazaar host KTGA 

Following the roaring success of Our Vintage Zoo Fest this July at 1933, the KTGA Team are back with Their MOST ambitious project yet.  The Vintage Winter Fest  Promises to get you in the Festive Mood with All Our Winter Wonderland Bazaar . This, HOWEVER, is no Ordinary Christmas market at KTGA Because WE just like to do Different Things That Little bit. We Present to you a Weekend Full of extraordinary Festivities, with vintage Everything for Our Festival-goers from Fashion to furniture, from Alternative to High End, from architectural Talks to Cocktail making Sessions! And just about Everything you Need for wintery this Cold Season, Including a Little TOO FEW somethings for Our male audience. Do not worry, WE have not Forgotten about you!  The Team have KTGA Been Working Hard to put on Our Biggest Event yet and have Pulled out All the stops for this Winter Fest, so That you CAN begin your Christmas Celebrations with style. Here's a Sneak preview as to What WE have in Store for you at Our Vintage Winter Fest ....


Christopher Makos  - Photography Exhibition pop-up
Ailadi  - Live Interactive Scale Illustration big
Idle Beats  - Screen Print Workshop
Basement 6  - Pillow Fight Redscale - VJ on Saturday 13th Afterparty B Eryl Chung  - Evergreen Lettering Ryan Carter  - Hanging garden Nellie wather + Harrison Thane - Tartan photography and Drawings


Hot Club of Beijing  - Gypsy Jazz and Swing
The Horde  - Folk and blue grass
Lust Productions - Burlesque show Santa Baby
Christmas Choir
Slate contemporary Dance Frank Bray - Jazz DJ Cavia


  (Go here for details) "Warhol in China"  - Christopher makos "Shanghai's Golden Age Architecture"  - Spencer Dodington "The Artist Within"  -  Tiago Valente "Conceptual Fashion / Design / Styling / Illustration"  -   Baiba Ladiga "Fashion Design - Belgian / Chinese perspectives"  - Tom Gobels "How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe " "Finding your Signature style"  - Zanstyle

"Make a Christmas Wreath" -  G & T Floral
"Cocktail Masterclass"  - Erik Andersson "Hudec in-BETWEEN the Shanghai High- Rise"  - Shanghai Flaneur

Children Area from 10:00 to 18:00 every day!

Adorn with tartan and seek the alternative within the alternative… Rebel in a rock ‘n’ roll and punky world… Go underground (literally) with subculture, tartan punk, the alternative and up and coming brands. Punk it up!

 Crawl out from underground and ascend into Mont Blanc. Dazzle in crystal white and sparkle and shine like a diamond in the ice. Chill out in the ice cold igloo and make snow angels in the snow globe. Become an ice queen with pop up shops and high end fashion. As cool as ice…

 Too chilly? Perhaps the grass is greener on the other side in Evergreen. Gnome around the forest and get lost in the sea of trees, get cosy with the elves and fairies hidden within the mossy terrain. Find yourselves amongst the wood and pine and seek out your favourite vintage sellers. Go green with envy…

 Have a red letter day in Red Glow! With a backdrop of a Winterberry stage, burgundy bar and red catwalk, trendy trendsetters and funky fashionistas may mingle amongst the masters. Some cocktail makin’-and-a-shakin’ for the cocktail queen and some gin and gourmet bites for the gentlemen (or a spot of shoppin’ perhaps?) Get the red carpet treatment!

 Punk Tartan… Mont Blanc… Evergreen… Red Glow… 

This, my fellow friends and folks, is the winterful formula for KTGA’s Vintage Winter Fest set to take place at the former Lafayette cinema designed by László Hudec. The venue is now known as the Lafayette Arts & Design centre and is situated perfectly next to Xintiandi station (L10).

Join KTGA between 12th - 14th December for the most wonderful and magical winter wonderland like no other you have experienced before. A journey where you are able to absorb yourselves into a world of surreal surroundings, captivating creativity and interactive happenings.


Arrive with an open mind, leave full of imagination and wonder.

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KTGA冬季复古盛会– 圣诞夜的仙境之旅

 Kick The Gong Around的第三场大型复古集市 - KTGA冬季复古盛会即将强势回归!长达三天的圣诞复古集市将在位于复兴中路323号(10号线新天地站2号出口)的拉法耶艺术设计中心(前称辣斐大戏院)举办。



活动时间:      周五(12月12日) 14:00 – 22:00

                        周六(12月13日) 12:00 – 22:00 (余兴派对 22:00 –02:00)

                        周日(12月14日)12:00 – 20.00


 KTGA冬季复古盛会– 圣诞夜的仙境之旅

Kick The Gong Around的第三场大型复古集市 - KTGA冬季复古盛会即将强势回归!长达三天的圣诞复古集市将在位于复兴中路323号(10号线新天地站2号出口)的拉法耶艺术设计中心(前称辣斐大戏院)举办。



这次的圣诞复古集市时间是12月12日周五14:00–22:00,12月13日周六12:00 – 22:00 (余兴派对 22:00 – 02:00),12月14日周日12:00 – 20.00。





Please contact US at  131 6611 3482


The KTGA team was hired to oversee all graphics & visual identity for Shanghai's first international art fair solely dedicated to photography -. Photo Shanghai The event is organised by the World Photo Organisation -. WPO The exhibition runs from September 5th - 7th in the incredible Shanghai Exhibition Centre (No. 1000 Yan'an Rd). This Stop Motion is a collaboration from Vitaly Tyuk. Find more of his work at Instagrampanvelet