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The team at KTGA have been busy behind the scenes working on our most ambitious project yet. The Vintage Winter Fest will have everything from fashion to furniture, from upcoming brands to high end, performances, dancers and singers and true to form, KTGA have also put together some alternative content for you Vintage Winter Fest-goers to get you all interactive and immersed into this winter wonderland. In collaboration with various other companies and creative individuals, we have various fun and interesting workshops and lectures lined up for you on topics ranging from architecture to cocktails.



"Warhol in China" - Christopher Makos

The man Andy Warhol described as “the most modern photographer in America” will be giving a lecture on 'Warhol in China' at the KTGA Vintage Winter Fest. Close friends and artistic collaborator with the pop art icon, Christopher Makos captured the pair’s 1982 trip to China, as well as chronicling the glitz and the glamour, the rock stars, pop stars, poseurs and punks of the New York scene of which he has been at the heart for the past five decades.

Join him on Sat 13th at 14.00 in the Igloo Think Tank. Christopher will also have a pop-up shop displaying his work, with a limited number of prints available for purchase.

If you are interested in coming to this lecture, please sign up by emailing with the title 'MAKOS PHOTOGRAPHY LECTURE' in the subject box along with your name, email address and telephone number.

"Shanghai's Golden Age Architecture" - Spencer Dodington

If you are into your history and architecture, Spencer Dodington will be the man not to be missed at the Vintage Winter Fest. He is an expert on Shanghai’s Concession-era architecture and history and will be giving a talk on "Shanghai's Golden Age Architecture", sharing his in-depth knowledge and insight with you.

Spencer moved to Shanghai from Texas in 1995 and loves photographing and sketching the architectural builds here, as well as writing and giving lectures on them. He has co-written the book "Shanghai's Art Deco Master" on Paul Veysserye, the French architect here in Shanghai in the 1920's.

Join him on Sunday 14th at 14.00 in the Igloo Think Tank. Please register for this lecture by emailing with the title 'DODINGTON ARCHITECTURE LECTURE' and send your name, email address and telephone number.

Spencer Dodington.jpg

"The Artist Within" - Tiago Valente

Tiago Valente creates architectural, living and, sometimes, wearable sculptures that capture the essence of intriguing creatures. Relevant projects include multisensory and interactive  experiences, bringing art to unexpected public spaces, and contributing to its accessibility to every single viewer that may choose to be part of such encounters.

With a diverse background in Performing Arts, Journalism and Fashion Design, this Spanish Artist draws from Anthropology and explores Sociological issues with his work. The theatrical magic in his creative universe is unveiled through a variety of mediums including wood, textiles, paper and often times, recycled materials.

Join Tiago on Saturday 13th at 18.30 in the Igloo Think Tank. Please register your interest by emailing with "VALENTE ARTIST LECTURE" in the subject box and send your name, email address and telephone number.

Photo by Milos Gazdic

Photo by Milos Gazdic

"Conceptual Fashion / Design / Styling / Illustration" - Baiba Ladiga

Baiba is a conceptual fashion designer, stylist and illustrator, graduating from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2004. She has her own line of clothes and showcased a selection at this years’ Riga and Poland Fashion Weeks' and Paris SS15 showroom.

Baiba will be lecturing on Fashion, Design and Styling Illustration as well as have her own pop up store at the event. Join her on Sunday 14th at 15.30 in the Igloo Think Tank.

If you are interested in this lecture, please email with your name, email address and telephone number. Please add "BAIBA FASHION LECTURE" in the subject box.

"Fashion Design - Belgian/Chinese perspectives" - Tom Gobels 

Tom is a Belgian fashion designer currently living in Shanghai. He studied Biology, Business and Fashion and has designed clothes for fashion shows around the world including Morocco, Iceland and Belgium, as well as China. He takes inspiration from his daily environment and was awarded the Changshu Cup in Beijing for his last collection. 

He will be lecturing on the differences of Fashion Design between China and Belgium on Sunday 14th at 13.00 in the Igloo Think Tank. Please sign up for this lecture by emailing with your name, email address and telephone with the title "TOM FASHION LECTURE" in the subject box.

"Beijing Opera" - Lu Su

This lecture on Beijing opera will be led by Lu Su, who graduated from Beijing Opera Arts College National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts. He has had previous guidance from several well-known Beijing opera stars such as Yin Peixi, Li Jinsheng and Ma Yuzhang. Born in 1988, this young gentleman has already got several awards under his belt, including the 'Outstanding Young Actor' Magnolia Award and the Silver prize for the CCTV National Beijing Opera Young Artists competition.

Join Lu Su on Saturday 14th at 16.00 in the Igloo Think Tank. If you are interested in taking part in this lecture, please sign up by emailing with the subject "BEIJING OPERA" and include your name, email address and telephone number.


Please note: all lectures are presented in English only, except the Beijing opera where it will be presented in Chinese only.



Fashion and Styling - Zan Style

Monique Madsen is a personal image and stylist based in Shanghai. She moved to Shanghai from Copenhagen and co-founded the fashion consulting company Zan Style. Monique has many years of experience in fashion and retail. For Zan Style she provides professional shopping assistance and wardrobe management to residents of Shanghai. Zan Style aims to promote a style sensibility that fits both the personalities and lifestyles of individuals.

She will be running two workshops at the Winter Fest event:

"How to build a capsule wardrobe"Friday 12th 16.30 - 17.30 in the Igloo Think Tank, covering wardrobe basics and having something to wear for every occasion.


"Finding your signature style" - Sunday 14th 16.30 - 17.30 in the Igloo Think Tank, covering self image, incorporating trends into your wardrobe and accessorizing to fit your personality.

If you would like to take part in either of these workshops, please email both and with 'KTGA ZAN STYLE' in the subject box along with which workshop you would like to attend, your name, email address and telephone number.

Please note: this workshop will be presented in English, with Chinese translation.

Photo by David Jumpa -

Photo by David Jumpa -

"Make a Christmas Wreath" - G&T Floral

G&T Floral specialise in creative floral designs and will be holding a Christmas wreath workshop at the KTGA’s Vintage Winter Fest. Here, Vintage Winter Fest go-ers can get all creative and design and make your very own Christmas wreath to take home as a Christmas gift for your ice queen or ice king.

The workshop will be taking place between 14.00 - 15.30 on all three days of the event in the Ice Palace VIP Room. The cost for this workshop will be 268RMB, which will include same-day entrance fee into the event. G&T Floral will be donating 10% of their proceeds to "Seven Sisters in China", a worthwhile activity whilst also contributing back to the community.

If you would like to take part in the G&T Floral workshop, please sign up by emailing both and with the subject 'KTGA G&T FLORAL' in the title stating which day you would like to attend and include your name, email address and telephone number.

Please note: this workshop will be presented in Chinese, with English translation.

Mont Blanc wreath

Evergreen wreath


"Cocktail Masterclass" - Erik Andersson

From one G&T to another, a glass-in-hand type, likely to be sipped on a Friday or Saturday night (or Sunday). And preferably at the Vintage Winter Fest. More specifically the "delightfully curious" Hendrick's gin. Erik Andersson, the Brand Ambassador for Hendrick's gin, started bartending in Sweden in 1998 and has previously worked at the Dorchester Hotel in London. 

Erik will be doing a cocktail master class and a gin tasting session on Saturday evening between 18.30 - 19.30 in the Ice Palace VIP Room. Great for cocktail lovers.

If you would like to partake in some cocktail makin' and a shakin', please email with the subject 'HENDRICK'S COCKTAIL' together with your name, email address and telephone number.

Please note: this workshop will be presented mainly in English, with some Chinese.





"Hudec in-between the Shanghai High-Rise" - Shanghai Flaneur

Shanghai Flaneur, a 'Walking Think Tank", specialising in walks, talks and learning programmes, are hosting a "Christmas special" walking tour on Saturday 13th December starting at 13.30. The walk will explore some of Hudec's iconic works around Shanghai, combining cultural and architectural aspects as well as personal anecdotes by Bert de Muynck, who holds a MA in Architectural Engineering and who will be leading this expedition.

The walking tour will last approximately 2 hours and will finish up at the former Lafayette Cinema venue (designed by Hudec himself) for about 15.30. The cost is 250RMB which will include same day entrance to the Vintage Winter Fest, a drink and fast track entrance! Please register by emailing



Please note: times and subjects may change, please keep checking back for updates.

Kind Reminder: Unless otherwise stated, all content above is provided for free, however admission fees for entrance into the Vintage Winter Fest will still apply.