Post #19 - It's Time for Christmas!

The cold weather. The winter woollies. The woolly hats and the big fluffy socks. The candles and the crystal white snowflakes. It can only mean one thing. It’s winter time. Or is it KTGA Vintage Winter Fest time?

Either way, winter time means CHRISTMAS time.

“Merry Christmas!”

For most people around the world, in particular Western countries, Christmas is a BIG national holiday. In fact, it is probably the biggest in the calendar, equivalent to the Spring Festival in China, where people go all out. It is a time for winding down, slowing down, switching off and going home.

A time to spend with family… biiiig family get togethers at the family home including grumpy Gramps who will inevitably doze off in the armchair just before Christmas dinner is served…

A time to spend with friends…  a yearly catch up with friends in your childhood town. What's Tom from Year 8 Science class upto these days?

A time of festivities and jollies… Card games and charades anyone?

A time for eating… perhaps a little too much? Eating more than your body weight’s worth is usually the name of the game. Over indulgence springs to mind…

A time for drinking… again, perhaps a little too much? Yep, there it is again, over indulgence…

Buying presents…  running around buying gifts for your loved ones in the run up to Christmas can no doubt lead to manic buying (panic buying?), hordes (and hordes) of people (not great for people with claustrophobia), and that green scarf you just HAVE to get for your best friend Rebecca. And someone else is eyeing it up too. And it’s the last one on the shelf. And it’s in the sale. Cue crazy people and the all ensuing ultimate fight. It’s showtime.

Giving presents…  BUT that warm feeling you get when you see Aunty Jane’s face light up after seeing her open that teapot you know she’s been eyeing up for the last 6 months is just so heart-warming …

Receiving presents… Who doesn’t love receiving presents? Even the socks come in handy!

A time for decorating the Christmas tree… getting wrapped up in meters and metres of fairy lights and putting the angel on top of the tree is enough to bring a smile to any little one’s face.

… And of course, a time for a BIG Christmas turkey dinner with all the trimmings – roasted ‘tatoes, honey glazed parsnips, sweet carrots, little pigs in blankets, onion and sage stuffing, crispy Yorkshire puds, the (usually dreaded) green brussel sprouts, all covered with lashings and lashings of dark Bisto gravy... Ahhhh, yum yum yum!

How will you be celebrating this year?

A little peek into how Christmas is celebrated around the world!

“Merii Kurisumasu!”

In Japan, people celebrate Christmas by eating KFC after being captivated by an advertising campaign in the 70’s that was inspired by an expat commenting on how it’s the next best thing to the Christmas turkey and so ‘Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!’ was born (Kentucky for Christmas!)

“Joyeux Noe!l”

In France, children put their shoes in front of the fireplace ready for Papa Noel to fill them with gifts.

“Feliz Natal!”

In Brazil, coloured rice along with vegetables, turkey and ham are consumed with French toast, chocolate cakes and sweet bread as desserts. Colourful fruit dishes adorn the dining tables as part of the decorations. As well as this, the pine trees are covered in little bits of white cotton wool due to the country usually being quite hot at this time of year.

“God Jul!”

In Sweden, they serve a rice porridge called Risgryngrot with a single almond in it. The lucky one to find it gets to make a wish, or is believed to wed in the coming year.

"Sheng Dan Kuai Le!"

And China’s answer to the winter festivities? As Christmas is not recognized as a national holiday in China, it is not as widely celebrated as it is in the Western countries. However, the beautiful Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, which takes place every year, probably more than makes up for it and is perhaps China’s coolest place to be during the winter season.

Eat. Drink. Be merry. This festive season. Celebrate in style at the Vintage Winter Fest. 


Lily Ip