Post #27 Snowflake Bites & Hot Delights: Our F&B Sellers

It can get a bit chilly up in Mont Blanc you know, being an Ice Queen and hanging out in the Igloo and all... It can also be a bit hardcore too, you know, going underground with the punky crew. Well here's a solution.. of course, KTGA have it all sussed out for you! Warm yourselves up with a hot drink and get a refresher with some snowflake bites at one of our Food & Beverage vendors at the Vintage Winter Fest. 


Mr Waffle:

Authentic Belgian waffles handmade with care using high quality local and imported ingredients. Mr. Waffle follows centuries old Belgian recipes, including the oldest one dating back to Sieghart’s very own great-great grandmother! They are waffly good!


'Go grab some balls' with Ballroom - a growing eatery serving up meatballs and vegeballs. They are homemade with plenty of love and passion, using flavours as diverse as Shanghai’s mixed fusion cultures.

Spread the Bagel:

Spread the Bagel is Shanghai's premier artisanal bagel supplier. They use high quality fillings including their own home whipped spreads. Crafted daily from scratch, each bagel is a piece of perfection. Get your taste buds going!

Strictly Cookies:

A Shanghai-based cookie company, Strictly Cookies bakes up fresh, American-style cookies and are available around many coffee shops and lunch spots around town. Also available for delivery and events. Show me the cookies!

La Coyota:

A Mexican food joint open in Shanghai since 2012, dedicated to promoting Mexican food around the world. Founder and Executive Chef Gabriela Fernandez operates this place with Mexican heart and soul! Arriba Arriba!


Beer anyone? Rinkuškių are a Lithuanian beer company primarily selling two products, one of which won the award for“Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012” - the ’R Proginis’ premium lager beer, brewed using only water, barley malt and aromatic hops.

Dutch Pies: 

Offering European-style pies and cakes, ranging from traditional recipes from the Netherlands like the Rice Pudding Pie to classic recipes such as the carrot cake and apple pie. Customers may also order directly from the website, with next day delivery. Got Dutch and come ‘n’ grab a slice of pie!

Canada Muffin:

Healthy desserts using natural ingredients and recipes from Canada.


Vedas is an award-winning Indian restaurant in Shanghai serving classic traditional curries, kebabs and biryanis. They  also serve exclusive signature cocktails with Indian herbs & spices.



Equilibrium (meaning balance) strive to offer you Good Mood Food and as the names suggests, aims to restore your balance so you can get back on track as quickly as possible and feel the best that you can. 


Soon to open, EGG Breakfast and Bakery will offer simply prepared, produce-driven breakfasts, snacks, and baked goods. Put an EGG on it!

Hunter Gatherer:

Hunter Gatherer celebrate real food - food that improves the land and the lives of the people who grow it, prepare it and enjoy it.  From seed to table, they source from their own chemical-free farms and prepare dishes that allow their ingredients to shine. Warm up with a ginger bread cookie and hot drink!


Baoism is a contemporary Chinese dining concept serving safe and wholesome foods at affordable prices using transparently sourced ingredients. They are here to cater to a new generation of the discerning Chinese customer. Bow down to Baoism.

KTGA Steven BAR:  

In collaboration with Lafayette Art & Design centre, KTGA are happy to offer KTGA Steven Bar sponsored by Hendricks Gin, Perrier Waters and La Vieille Ferme. Yummy hot and cold cocktails, drinks and even Lafayette Bar’s specialty: a suckling pig bite!

Louis Ice cream

CínCín Freso is a brand conceived to bring Italian artisanship to the rest of the world with a range of high quality foods, an efficient service and a typically friendly taste. CínCín Freso - A concept on everyone's lips!

INX Coffee:

INX Coffee brings you the most authentic cup of specialty coffee during this festive season. Come and take a break enjoying the signature drinks and the best cappuccino in town. INX Coffee – quite possibly, the best coffee in Shanghai.


Greens is the first innovative brand to combine fruits and vegetables with a slimming and detoxing concept (think Green Smoothie). Following the advice of nutrition and yoga experts, Greens provides you with a great way to detox and feel healthy! Go Green(s)!

'underground' Tartan Punk area

KTGA Punk Bar

Don't get thirsty whilst underground discovering our sellers’ wonders.. KTGA is here to refresh you! Pass by our Pop-up bar try our delicious punky drinks!

Lab Made

Bringing you premium freshly made ice creams, Lab Made also experiment and develop new flavours. Re-inventing the ultimate ice cream experience!