KTGA presents: Vintage TRIBAL Fest. - 4th Grand Bazaar
Jul 5

KTGA presents: Vintage TRIBAL Fest. - 4th Grand Bazaar


Our next event is inspired by the colourful tribes of the world, such as the Gypsy, Maori, Gaucho, Yunnan, Massai, among other well rooted cultures. We will create an immersive environment that celebrates their beautiful design influences as well as their cultural diversity through cuisine, music, art, and performances.

Our Tribal Stage by PERRIER will be central to all performances throughout the weekend. You will enjoy live music and performances while sipping on refreshing cocktails. Let the nomadic life wash over you with tribal music.

The Gypsy Bar by SPIRITS OF INDEPENDENCE will offer cocktails perfect for a summer weekend. And the Mediterranean Dome by SUMMERGATE will treat VIP guests with a special wine tasting.

We will also follow the tradition of previous K T G A events by curating rich content for a weekend of fun in the sun: over 100 sellers including vintage shops and local designers, artisanal foods, men's and lifestyle brands, furniture, design products, workshops, world cinema, and kids area. We are encouraging all our sellers to get inspired by our theme and decorate their space and bring colourful products. As always, we will create a magical atmosphere.

Get a perfectly mixed drink, purchase colourful pieces, take part in craft workshops, salute the sun with Yoga classes, taste world cuisines, dance away the cares of city life with happy tribal beats. 

See our blog post on tribes here


Amcham Charity Gala : The Centennial Ball
6:30 pm18:30

Amcham Charity Gala : The Centennial Ball

  • Peninsula Hotel

Our concept is to celebrate the arrival of the first Americans in Shanghai during the early 1900s. Many of the adventurous men and women who undertook this long voyage did so without any certainties or even a ticket back home - just a healthy ambition and dreams of a prosperous future.

We want to capture the buzzing atmosphere of a city when it was full of new aspirations, commerce, enterprise and ideas emanating from newly disembarked cultures.

Our event draws inspiration from the idea of a port, a place where a rich tapestry of people, business and goods come and go. An exchange that is still alive nowadays.

During the event we will highlight inventions, enterprises, musical styles and aesthetics from 1915 to 2015 - a suitably epic way to celebrate the American Chamber of Commerce’s one hundred years in Shanghai.  

For More information go here.


KTGA Rocket Rangers - 80s Redux Dance Party
2:00 am02:00

KTGA Rocket Rangers - 80s Redux Dance Party


Are you Pez or Fruit Roll-up?  Fraggle Rock or Labyrinth ? Teddy Ruxpin or Cabbage Patch KidsKnight Rider or Air Wolf

Let KTGA take you back to a not so distant past when every cool kid was looking to the future. When every cartoon had an action figure, when candy came in all shapes, sizes, colour and flavours, when VHS was king and Donkey was Kong. 

We’re talking about the 
80’s and we’re taking it super serious. Look out for silver futuristic cuboid magnificence, arcade game play mayhem, roller skating hostesses and junk, loads and loads of useless brilliant, fun junk.Just like the 80’s wanted it. So get the leg warmers ready and steam your Jordache jeans as we’re coming at you with the greediest, trashiest and most fun decade since time began.

Theme: Retro futurism - Dress Code: 1980s

 Save the Date - Friday 6th of February 

Come for an  exclusive 80s Dance Party KTGA Style.
200RMB FREE FLOW FROM 10:30pm - 12:30am

To GET IN send code: I am an 80’s kid to ktgashanghai@gmail.com

5:30 pm17:30

Live Illustration Contest - Vintage Winter Fest. - Christmas Wonderland Bazaar

The concept is this; a live band will play a song for your inspiration as you draw on a tablet. Your live work will be projected onto a screen. No pressure! Its fun! And alcohol! You will have free admission to the Winterfest for the day and the competition is totally free. 

Official words:

KTGA is calling Shanghai ILLUSTRATORS to participate in this creative session in which music and art fuse together in front of your eyes. The HORDE - folk Shanghai based band - will be the soundtrack behind this exciting drawing marathon. All drawings will be projected whilst the illustrator is in action. 


THEME : Winter Wonderland

TIME: Sat. 13th December /17:30 - 18:30

WHERE: LFY Art and Design Center. Fuxing lu 323, Madang Lu, Red Glow - Third Floor.

MUSIC BY : The Horde - thehorde.bandcamp.com

Some FAQs:

When do I get there? Arrive at 16:30 so we organize all logistics, as in computer, projector, etc., you can test the wacom - see how it feels, the pens, etc. 

What is the theme for my drawing? You'll be given a song title beforehand with one sentence explanation so you can semi - prepare. I will get these to you next week.

How is the winner chosen? We show them one after the other at the end and let the public vote. 

In what order will I draw? You can choose the name of the song and then you will be queued based on the order of the song being played.

Will it be color or b/w and in what program? You may work in black in white and in Ai or Ps. Please reply with your preference.

Feel free to pass on to your sketch groups and drawing crews and all the involved people. 

DATES: 12,13,14 December 

VENUE: no.323 Fuxing road, cross road Madang Road,  Xintiandi, Metro Line10 Exit

THEME: immersive winter wonderland - four floors of full immersion

TIME: Fri 14:. 00 - 22:00 / Sat 12:00 - 22:00 / Sun.12:. 00 - 20:00  

AFTERPARTY: sat: 22:00 - 02:00

SHOPS: vintage high end sellers, books, furniture, organic grocery, gourmet food sellers

TICKET: 50rmb - 1 day 3 days 100rmb

EXPERIENCE: themed deco, art happenings, performances, design, fashion, cinema, catwalk shows, exhibitions, children area, theatre

DRESS CODE: smart attire, ice queen, forest gnomes, elves and fairies, punk tartan, vintage

Vintage Winter Fest. - Christmas Wonderland Bazaar
Dec 14

Vintage Winter Fest. - Christmas Wonderland Bazaar

  • Winter Fest.

DATES: 12,13,14 December 

VENUE: no.323 Fuxing road, cross road Madang Road,  Xintiandi, Metro Line10 Exit

THEME: immersive winter wonderland - four floors of full immersion

TIME: Fri 14:. 00 - 22:00 / Sat 12:00 - 22:00 / Sun.12:. 00 - 20:00  

AFTERPARTY: sat: 22:00 - 02:00

SHOPS: vintage high end sellers, books, furniture, organic grocery, gourmet food sellers

TICKET: 50rmb - 1 day 3 days 100rmb

EXPERIENCE: themed deco, art happenings, performances, design, fashion, cinema, catwalk shows, exhibitions, children area, theatre

DRESS CODE: smart attire, ice queen, forest gnomes, elves and fairies, punk tartan, vintage

The Vintage ZOO Fest.
Jul 6

The Vintage ZOO Fest.

  • 1933 Shanghai

KTGA is back with another immersive grand bazaar experience. Best quality vintage products, healthy food vendors, art, cinema, performances, outstanding environment, kids area and more. Join us for an unforgettable two-day journey to the Vintage Zoo. 

DATE: 5th and 6th of July  TIME:  Sat: 12:00 – 22:00 / Sun: 12:00 – 20:00

AFTERPARTY: Sat: 22:00 – 00:00

WHAT: Immersive Vintage Festival - Full deco, performances, circus acts
live bands, art happenings, chill-out area

WHERE: 1933 Shanghai - 29 Shajing lu with Haining lu - Liyang lu, 沙泾路29 近海宁路 溧阳路

Elevator N1 - North Side Stairs

 THEME: Explore the Zoo TICKET: 30 RMB

DRESSCODE: Zoo / Animal print /Always Vintage. 

COLLABORATORS: Little Thing Magazine - Shanghai Flaneur - Basement 6 - Shanghai Swings - Swatch Art Peace Hotel Resident artists - Tribes of Asaph -DJ Cavia - Parkour - Feiyue CM - Strictly Designers

The Secret Garden - Rococo Revisited
Jun 8

The Secret Garden - Rococo Revisited

  • Shanghai Rose

Date : Saturday 7TH 

Time : 21:00 Until late  
 时间:21:00 直到深夜

Dress Code : Rococo, Over The Top, Extravagant, Marie Antoinette,
 Luis Xvi or Black tie.  (Inspiration & DIY blog entry)
着装要求: 洛可可·浮夸·奢华·绝代艳后·路易十六

Price : 100 Rmb ( Includes 1 glass of Hendrick’s Gin cocktail and a comprehensive experience )
门票:100 元 (含一杯亨利爵士金酒 和 全方位感官派对)

Venue : Shanghai Rose  -  No.76 South Suzhou Rd., Huangpu Dist. - 上海市黄浦区南苏州路76号(近圆明园路)   

Music : Baroque Disco & Electroswing - Dj Baron Vulgaria
音乐:巴洛克迪斯科 & 电子摇滚

Performances : Baroque Dance, Sword Fighting, Baroque musical trio

Vintage Carousel Market
Apr 20

Vintage Carousel Market


Our country fair brings back a time when a small treat was enough to make you happy the whole weekend.!

KTGA will bring Shanghai vintage lovers together for an afternoon of “good old days” buying and selling . !

Leave the polished veneer of the mega malls to the unimaginative and those who lack soul. Find a bargain, barter for more and gorge yourself on those childhood treats of yesterday !

April 19th and 20th, 2014 at the Pearl Theatre. Vintage country fair in the middle of Shanghai. Music boxes, clowns and street musicians. Candy floss, toffee apples, fortune tellers, street vendors, folk music, vintage clothing, books, furniture, dishes, jewellery, artwork and more and more.

The Broken Heart's Club
Feb 15

The Broken Heart's Club

  • 390 Bar

For one night only, Friday, February 14th at 8 pm, 390 (390 Panyu Lu by Fahauzhen Lu) will be transformed by Kick The Gong Around into an immersive dinner experience for the loveless and loved alike.

Guests will enter into the beautifully retro-fitted clubhouse surrounded by the melancholy sound of 20's/30's blues harkening back to Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith. A full, delectable dinner will be provided by our sad clown wait staff, each reminiscent of the ever soulful icon Emmet Kelly. Gaze into a lover's eyes or silently gulp down the 2 complementary glasses of sparkling wine as Buster Keaton limps along 390's many video screens: Kick the Gong Around will service all.

During dinner, an string player will circle the tables, playing his sad songs. And after dinner, acoustic troubadour will share stories of his heart's journeys as well.

Finally, The Kick the Gong Around DJs, Baron Vulgaria and B.O, will shake down the stars and doldrums with a swing/electro-swing set.

This Valentine's Day, for a truly unique experience, Kick The Gong Around.


Kick the Gong Around Presents: The Broken Heart's Club

Friday, February 14th – Dinner served at 8 pm!

390 (390 Panyu Lu by Fahauzhen Lu)

220 RMB – includes full dinner, 2 glasses of sparkling wine, and full entertainment

30 RMB – after-party only (starts at 10 pm)


Dinner Menu


Coconut Curry Shrimp Soup

& Heart Beet Argula Salad w/ Vinaigrette Dressing 

Main Options:  (Choose 1 of Following)

Pomegranate Duck w/ Asparagus & Wild Rice 

or Salmon over Red Wine Sauce with Shiitake and Roasted Potatoes 


Raspberry Sorbet with Prosecco & a Brownie Love Cupcake 



The New Year's Eve Vaudeville Spectacular
8:00 pm20:00

The New Year's Eve Vaudeville Spectacular

  • The Pearl

***For all those thinking of attending our NYE Vaudeville Spectacular at the old Chinatown, purchasing pre-sale tickets on Shanghai 24/7 automatically puts you in the running for a pair of Marshall Headphones.


Winners will be announced at the event!

Grandpa Time is about to be reborn as Baby New Year...but before he does, he's going out in classic and classy style, for the aristocrat and street-cat alike.

Vaudeville was one of the premier entertainment styles of the 20's and early 30's, and Kick the Gong Around & The Pearl are bringing it back for one night only!

Imagine...The Pearl (formerly Chinatown) decked out to the nines. The place has seen some great parties, and we'll be making full use of its full bar, stage, and elegant space.

Authentic swing music from the 20's and 30's plays to the mix of DJ B.O and Baron Vulgaria. Flappers and dandies sway along the place, dressed in Kick the Gong Around-style retro-chic or their New Year's Eve flashiest best.

All settle to their seats as our host, The Pearl's Frank Bray, takes the stage and starts the show. The curtain opens to...stand-up comedian Mike Corayer! 5 minutes later, the curtain closes and opens to...a jazz band! 10 minutes later, it's a sword swallower!

On and on we'll go until midnight, when the Champagne glasses will clink, and we'll all be ready to dance the new year away with a swing/electro-swing dance party for hours on end.

Kick in the new year with music, comedy, dance, film, and more at the marvelous Pearl.


Kick The Gong Around & The Pearl Present: New Year's Eve Vaudeville Spectacular

A wide variety of performances, including jazz crooner Frank Bray w/his band; Zmack Improv; stand-up Mike Corayer; circus acts; burlesque; circus acts; KTGA DJs B.O and Baron Vulgaria; Dress code: black-tie optional/smart attire or retro chic

The Pearl (formerly Chinatown) - 471 Zhapu Lu, near Wujin Lu

December 31 – doors at 20:00, show at 21:00

Standard ticket – 214 RMB pre-sale/250 door (includes 1 drink + Champagne at midnight)

VIP ticket – 450 RMB pre-sale/500 door (free floor house pour spirits, wine, and beer from 20:00 to 21:00, hors d'oeuvres from 20:00-23:00 + Champagne at midnight)

*Special Group VIP ticket available*

Post-midnight tickets: 100 RMB

~pre-sale tickets available at

Brian Offenther/DJ B.O – 13818937693 or brianoffenther@yahoo.com or knock 3 times on the ceiling (twice on the pipe)



The Pearl Map.jpg
Baron Vulgaria's Berlin Kabarett
Dec 8

Baron Vulgaria's Berlin Kabarett

  • Choir Bar

For one evening only, vintage thrill seekers are invited to step into the decadent and intellectually fertile era of 1920's Germany at Baron Vulgaria's Berlin Kabaret. On Saturday December 7th at Choir Bar & Kitchen, formerly the headquarters of 19th Century opium importers Russell & Co. and the Bund's oldest address (circa 1860), we will be turning back the clock to the Weimar Republic - a frenzied age where economic recession and political upheaval coincided to inspire bold new art and even bolder social attitudes.

Amid the venues' new Bauhaus-themed interior, featuring reproductions of Otto Dix and George Grosz's brutal paintings, Fraus and Frauleins can sip on gin cocktails and schnapps while having a glamourous picture taken at our vintage photo studio. Eye brow raising theatrical and musical entertainment will be provided by our very own cabaret, featuring burlesque dancers, circus performers and our very own Marlene Deitrich (Shanghai Lily). Cocktail menus will be circulated inside nihilist text books while old Weimar movies, including Marlene Deitrich's classic Shanghai Express (1932), flicker from an old projector. 

Meanwhile, Kurt Weill's three-penny opera, Brechtian cabaret, traditional swing music, and Electro Swing by DJ Baron Vulgaria will keep the dance floor stomping until very late.

So come on down to celebrate the futility of all human endeavour alongside ladies of night, war-crippled scam artists, and a colourful variety of perverts. As we should know by now, the only way to get rid of a temptation is it yield to it. It's Christmas after all. Frohliche Weihnachten! 

Dress code: 1920s/30s, or smart attire.  

Door fee: 50 RMB