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KTGA Rocket Rangers - 80s Redux Dance Party


Are you Pez or Fruit Roll-up?  Fraggle Rock or Labyrinth ? Teddy Ruxpin or Cabbage Patch KidsKnight Rider or Air Wolf

Let KTGA take you back to a not so distant past when every cool kid was looking to the future. When every cartoon had an action figure, when candy came in all shapes, sizes, colour and flavours, when VHS was king and Donkey was Kong. 

We’re talking about the 
80’s and we’re taking it super serious. Look out for silver futuristic cuboid magnificence, arcade game play mayhem, roller skating hostesses and junk, loads and loads of useless brilliant, fun junk.Just like the 80’s wanted it. So get the leg warmers ready and steam your Jordache jeans as we’re coming at you with the greediest, trashiest and most fun decade since time began.

Theme: Retro futurism - Dress Code: 1980s

 Save the Date - Friday 6th of February 

Come for an  exclusive 80s Dance Party KTGA Style.
200RMB FREE FLOW FROM 10:30pm - 12:30am

To GET IN send code: I am an 80’s kid to

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