- Until what date can I apply? 

Application dates will be opened up to 4 weeks before the event day. Last day for application is the 15th April 2016.

- How do I apply? 

Please fill in an online application here. Have all your information, list of the products you intend to sell and the product photos (please submit at least 6 photos, the more the better). Avoid potential problems by applying earlier during the submission time.

- What happens after I apply? 

We receive a lot of applications, so please be patient with us. We have be selective in the amount of sellers, but believe in giving every application a thorough read through and the time that it deserves. We will email you if your application is successful.

- Do I need a business license to participate in the Bazaar?

Yes. You do need a Company License to be able to participate in the event.

- What if I am a Food & Beverage Seller? Do I need Licenses?

Yes. If you are a F&B Seller we a copy of your: 

1- Company License

2- Food Distribution License

- I participated in previous KTGA events and markets, do I need to apply again? 

Yes. ALL sellers are required to provide their information, regardless if they have joined previous KTGA events.

- I Got in!! Whats next?

After reviewing your application and if you are a successful applicant, KTGA will send you an acceptance email, along with the Sellers Agreement and all of the necessary information regarding payment.

Once payment is received in full, your participation in the event is considered fully confirmed. 

- What if I wish to cancel my event participation?

If you need to cancel your participation before approval stage, you may email us to let us know and we will remove your application from our database. 

If you have already made payment and you choose to cancel your participation, no fees will be refunded.


YOUR STALL                                                                                                            

- What can I sell?

There are a few categories for sellers:

- Homeware - Menswear - Lifestyle - Vintage - Furniture - Art - Design - Fashion - Jewellery - Accessories - Stationary - Publications - Textiles - Children - Food & Beverage* 

* NB: No food & beverage products to be sold with other Bazaar items. For food sellers information please refer to F&B Section on the Sellers Package.

- How much is the booth? What is included in that fee?

There are different booth sizes for Bazaar Sellers and F&B Sellers. Please refer to the application form for prices and items included in each booth. 

- Does it include furniture? Can I hire furniture from KTGA?

This will depend on the size booth you choose. Please refer to the the seller’s package. You may rent trestle tables, clothes racks and chairs from KTGA, these will be available at an additional cost. 

We encourage sellers to create their own unique and inviting displays for their allocated space. For ideas, have a look through our PDF for inspiration and also look through our photo galleries on our website for past events.

NB: Please note that sellers are to respect their booth area and keep within the space they have paid for. This is in respect to KTGA and fellow sellers. 

- Is there a deposit, if so, and how much is it?

Yes. There is a 500rmb deposit fee which each seller should pay together with their booth costs. This deposit will be returned to you at the end of the Festival, when the hired furniture has been returned and your booth area checked by KTGA.

- Can Sellers share booths? 

NO.  KTGA discourage sharing of booths as we believe each brand has their own identity. This is also to maximise brand awareness for each seller. 

- Can I access power at my stall?

2KW can be supplied to your booth, please select this option on the application form if you need this. The venue has limited power, so if you require additional power, KTGA needs to be notified 2 weeks before the event day. Each additional 1KW is charge of 200RMB.

- Can I bring pop up banners / roll ups? 

KTGA will create a sign for each booth with the brand/shop name so it’s in compliance with every other booth and theme throughout the festival. Please do NOT bring roll ups and pop up banners as this is not allowed.

- What if I need to hang artwork

Due to venue restrictions, sellers must NOT use any walls or pillars in the venue. If you damage any areas within the venue you will be liable to repair costs. 

Different size booths have different frame arrangements which you may hang items. You are welcome and encouraged to bring items to display your products and make your booth area special. This is subject to our approval and sellers guidelines which will be sent to you when your are accepted into the festival.

- Can I choose my booth position? 

KTGA will create a floor plan based on several criteria. These include: size of the booth, the category of products sold, and last but not least, order of payment. 



- Can I trade for one day only?

Sellers MUST trade for all 2 days and be available for all the trading times as stated.

- Can I courier my stock to the venue? 

No.  Unfortunately we are not in a position to accept any deliveries destined for Sellers. KTGA cannot take responsibility for your deliveries and cannot sign for it on your behalf. It is your responsibility as Seller/Brand owner to take care of your deliveries, products and booth area.

- Is there Wi-Fi access?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide internet access. If you require Internet access for your own purposes, we strongly suggest you bring along your own connectivity solution, which you've tested beforehand.

- Can I bring my dog / cat / ferret / rat?

Unfortunately the venue prohibit the entry of pets, therefore we cannot allow anyone, including Sellers, to bring any animals or domestic pets, unless it's a guide dog.



- Who can attend the market?

Anyone! All are welcome. Children under 7 are free. Saturday & Sunday 50rmb.

- How do visitors know about the Markets? 

For each event, KTGA press releases are sent out to a variety of media and as a result we receive substantial coverage. You will find our event mentioned in local papers, street press, magazines and online. We also receive fabulous marketing support through our media partners.

KTGA also have a steady line of distribution via our website, blog, newsletters and social media. We distribute our event flyers throughout city hotspots prior to our events.


MISCELLANEOUS QUESTIONS                                                                                               

- Can you please email your Seller's database for a shout-out or promotion?

No. We strictly adhere to our privacy policy and do not email our Sellers database with third party information or requests, unless via a sponsorship or partnership.

- Can I be a volunteer?

Absolutely! We always recruit volunteers for our events. If you are interested, please get in touch: ktgashanghai@gmail.com

- How many people attend the markets?

Last event we had 5,000 people over a weekend (2 days). Spring Fest we are expecting 6,000 during the weekend.

- You haven’t answered my question!

Please contact us if you require any further information regarding applications or our events.