Prepare for another rip-roaring, time-transforming, ticket to the golden age where the speakeasy rules and the party never stops.

This time its gang warfare as Chicago prohibition mobster Al Capone meets Shanghai’s most notorious criminal mastermind Du Yuesheng in a collapse of fancy-dress costume law and order.

On Saturday June 1st at Choir Bar and Kitchen, previously the offices of 19th Century opium importers Russell & Co. and the Bund's oldest address (circa 1860), patrons are invited to dress up like 1930s American bootleggers, or triad overlords, and come party in a criminal underworld carnival.

Scantly-clad burlesque performers, professional swing dancers, and an untamed gypsy jazz guitarist will be provided by the Kick The Gong Around mob - an organization so steeped in scandal you might even call it criminal.

In addition to the abovementioned activities, Electro Swing will be provided by DJ Baron Vulgaria and DJ Twan. So all you flirty flappers and Al Capones grab your zoot suits, qipaos, trilby hats and Tommy guns and head on down to the Bund – just remember to file your tax returns first. 

Once again 1930s costumes or smart attire is obligatory please. Boys: gentleman thieves. Girls: Gangster’s paradise.