KTGA organised a Carnival Festival at Kerry Parkside Pudong, to celebrate their 5th Year Anniversary. The first weekend of Festivities took place on the14th-16th & October at Kerry Parkside. It was a weekend of multicultural performances from around the world - from Brazil to America, from Spain to Guinea, from Hawaii to China. Visitors danced to the beats of samba and djembé, or had a glass of beer listening to jazz, classical music and opera. Families enjoyed interactive kids theatre and storytelling, circus performances and percussions.

Many families joined KTGA on an epicurean journey around the world!! Vietnamese spring rolls, mouthwatering waffles and ice-cream from Belgium;  funky pancakes from Serbia; juicy steaks & sausages for the meat-lovers; natural and healthy juices.. YUM!

At Kerry you could find something to treat yourself and the whole family - bags, jewellery, clothing, books, sneakers, home decor, socks, scarfs, cashmere fashion, furniture, coats, kids accessories, teepees, clothing and books and more! There was also the opportunity to pamper yourself with henna tattoos, manicure, gentlemen and boy haircuts, while kids participated in workshops and play fun carnival games, ranging from mini golf to ring toss. Win fun prizes!!!