Grandpa Time is about to be reborn as Baby New Year...but before he does, he's going out in classic and classy style, for the aristocrat and street-cat alike.

Vaudeville was one of the premier entertainment styles of the 20's and early 30's, and Kick the Gong Around & The Pearl are bringing it back for one night only!

Imagine...The Pearl (formerly Chinatown) decked out to the nines. The place has seen some great parties, and we'll be making full use of its full bar, stage, and elegant space.

Authentic swing music from the 20's and 30's plays to the mix of DJ B.O and Baron Vulgaria. Flappers and dandies sway along the place, dressed in Kick the Gong Around-style retro-chic or their New Year's Eve flashiest best.

All settle to their seats as our host, The Pearl's Frank Bray, takes the stage and starts the show. The curtain opens to...stand-up comedian Mike Corayer! 5 minutes later, the curtain closes and opens to...a jazz band! 10 minutes later, it's a sword swallower!

On and on we'll go until midnight, when the Champagne glasses will clink, and we'll all be ready to dance the new year away with a swing/electro-swing dance party for hours on end. Kick in the new year with music, comedy, dance, film, and more at the marvellous Pearl.

For dress inspiration check out the amazing photos of Kick The Gong Around's last party, The Baron Vulgaria's Berlin Kabarett, here!!