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Vintage Zoo Fest

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Joyce grew up in Shanghai and majored Design at University. She is now working as the features editor for little thing. Her job has given Joyce a lot of opportunities to meet inspiring artists and handicraftsmen. Joyce once said she is from “whatever planet”. She is very much into good food and travelling. Wherever she goes, she wouldn’t miss any flea markets on the road.

 The rainy season in Shanghai is hard to deal with. Thanks to the lord of heaven, there’s no drop of rain when Vintage Zoo Feast was on air. When I was on my way to 1933 Shanghai, I happened to see those stylish young people who used animal patterns and accessories as the dress code to greet each other. Well, obviously, they are all going to join the market.

 The flea market at 1933 is not only a place for stylish young people to gather around, it has also attracted a lot of parents and grandparents to bring their children here. Pets are also permitted to get into the venue, which add a lot of fun to the market. People are pretty much dressed up, especially the children; they often wear animal helmets or feathers. They enjoy playing on the stage before the show was up. You can hardly find anything like this at other flea markets in Shanghai. Some of the visitors came to the market to hunt treasures; the rest came here purely for fun. Accompanied by live music and snacks, nothing is better than this for a lovely weekend afternoon.

 The whole market is divided into two large areas; there is a whole bunch of food stalls outside the theatre. You can certainly enjoy a bottle of beer or soft drinks here on humid summer days like this. Waffles, cheesecakes and sushis are also ready to be served if you need to top up some energy. I was actually going to get some dessert but was told by the vendor that most of the special drinks are sold out. The vendor also recommended that I have to give it another chance since the new ones are on their way. As you can see, people are seriously mad about the food here at the market. The stage at the centre of the market is actually designed as an imitated countryside style. The two-day’s programme covers a wide range of performance. The audience’s seats are made of wooden boxes and haystacks. It was actually fun sitting on it. I bet children grew up in the city barely have chances to see these things so they were jumping up and down on the soft haystacks and couldn’t tear themselves away from it. Some of the artists are live showcasing their drawing techniques by doing animal portraits and art installations. It was inspiring to watch the whole process from the very beginning.

 On another side of the venue, things also went crazy. Indie designers’ clothes, vintage accessories, plants and flowers are all available here for you to take home. Most of the vendors here are quite young and they often go to various markets to promote their designs. Although the quality of the products varies here, you can still find the things you like if you look carefully. Some of the vendors are more than ready to tell you the behind scene stories of their things which is very lovely. A warmhearted vendor was very kind that she actually showed me around at this market for a while. She told me that she hasn’t even put all her things up yet since the hangers were run out. But she was in a good mood and waved goodbye to me when her assistant was shouting out loud for help. Chatting with the vendors is always full of fun.

 The 1933 flea market was held by Kick The Gong AroundKTGA, an event company formed with a group of creative young people who have unconventional tastes. The company mainly hosts immersive events, which allow the visitors to luxuriating in the fresh and beautiful environment and release their pressure. Apart from the 1933 flea market, KTGA has also hosted events such as Vintage Carousel Fest and The Secret Garden. The locations are all carefully picked and usually quite scenic. Their previous events are pretty much occupied by the artistic young generations in Shanghai. Let’s share the love from the market and live those good old times again. What’s up next? When and where would it be? I cannot wait!

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