Hear ye, hear ye! Prohibition is to be formally re-ratified and re-boycotted in an evening of hush-hush drinking and costumed-cavorting on the Bund.

Saturday July 13th at Choir, formerly the headquarters of 19th Century opium importers Russell & Co. and the Bund’s oldest address (circa 1860), guys and dolls are invited to travel back to the roaring 20’s and attend an authenticbootlegger’s ball.

Anticipate titillating burlesque performances, mind-blowing contortionistsacts from the Shanghai Circus, and professional Charleston dancers to sweep you off your feet.

In order to dodge the keen eye of the law, gin cocktails will be served in tea cups and cocktail menus will be circulated secretly inside dusty book jackets. Meanwhile, silent cinema will flicker from an old projector as re-claimed opium pipes – filled with cherry-flavored tobacco – are passed around by our staff.

As is customary, old-time swing music and later electro swing will be provided by DJ Baron Vulgaria and DJ B.O.

So tuck your hip flask into your garters and come rejoice in the Pearl of the Orient’s bygone age when Chinese compradors roamed the Bund, Viennese dancing girls did the jitterbug with Russian grizzly bears and hats and handlebar mustaches were bloody-well compulsory.