The Gothic Ball

Diabolical dandies and devilish debutantes prepare yourselves for a twisted hallowed evening filled with the depraved delights of Shanghai's golden age, but with a gothic twist.

Set within the palatial Art Deco confines of the under-the-radar Le Sun Chine boutique hotel, the former family estate of 1930s Shanghai flour baron Sun Bo-Qun, Kick The Gong Around is throwing a Halloween Ball of demonically epic proportions on Saturday, October 26th. 

Abominable acts include our Evil Queen of Jazz Lil Nom, sinister painted models, crooked conjurers, terrifying gypsy tarot card readers, bribable black jack croupiers, ravaging roulette gamblers and black-hearted burlesque dancers in bathtubs. Never before has such a stunning neglected space been used for such hellish depravity!

Keeping the blood flowing on the ballroom dance floor will be DJs LLND, plus the ever-vile and corruptible Baron Vulgaria, spinning the finest swing, big band music, old time jazz, rock n roll, and Electro swing all night long.

Meanwhile, all evil spirits will be dispersed by our vintage Jack-O-Lanterns and all gloom fairies will be chased away by many, many hearty measures of gin. Reclaimed fruit tobacco-filled opium pipes available on request.